Family History

Hingham's First Settlers and Pew Map (1755) [pdf]

Early settlers arrived from Hingham, England and surrounding areas from 1633 – 1639. Their family names can be found on street signs, building plaques, memorials and tombstones throughout Hingham, Massachusetts to this day. Click here for a list of Hingham’s first settlers and the years they arrived.

Beginning in 1755, wooden box pews were built in the main floor of the Meeting House. Families bought the pews, which were deeded as property that could be handed down within families or sold to others. In 1869, the pews were removed during the renovation to a Victorian style. Many of the original pew doors were returned in the 1930 restoration. Click here for the plan of the box pews and the families who owned them.

Visit the Hingham Historical Society to learn more about Hingham families and genealogical histories.