Historic Structure Report

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Cover of BCA report

The Historic Structure Survey and Report, prepared by Building Conservation Associates, Inc. under a contract with the Friends of the Old Ship Meeting House, was financed by Community Preservation Historic Resources Reserve Funds approved by Hingham’s 2005 Annual Town Meeting. The extensive Report includes a detailed architectural history of the Meeting House from its construction in 1681 to the present, and also reports on its current condition and recommendations for continuing maintenance and repair. Copies of the Historic Structure Report were presented to the Community Preservation Committee and to Hingham Public Library in May, 2007.

The Original 1681 door to the Meeting House was discovered during investigation and research for the Report. The door was sealed behind the present pulpit in 1755, and no mention of it survives. During the study, a section of the exterior clapboarding was temporarily removed to view these doors, which may be the only extant 17th century entrance door that survives in America in its original exterior wall. The Friends hope to provide a weather-tight opening that will make it possible to view and study the doors from the exterior.

The original doors are uncovered.